Sweden Rock Magazine (SE) 7/10
Classic Rock Magazine (UK) 7/10
Classic Rock Magazine (DE) 6/10
Slave To Metal 7/10
Metal Hammer (DE) 5/7
Motor.de (DE) 4/5
Corren (SE) 4/5
JMC Magazine (DE) 8/10
Hard Times (DE) 7/10
SUE (FI) 7/10
Metal.de (DE) 8/10
Unrated Mag (DE) 85/100
Guitar (DE) 3.5/5
Rock Hard (DE) 8/10
GAFFA (SE) 4/6
Rocks (DE) 4/6
SLAM (DE) 9/10
TimeForMetal (DE) 7.5/10
MetalFactory (DE) 7.5/10
Soulseller-mag.com 6/7

One of the greatest albums in the punk / garage genre in 2014.
Skrutt Magazine (SE)

The new Swedish commanders of rock.

An exuberantly silly highway to Hell.
Classic Rock Magazine (UK)

Scandinavian rock lovers will be pleased.
Classic Rock Magazine (DE)

The Hellacopters still exist - they call themselves MÄRVEL.
SLAM Magazine (DE)

There’s only one way to put it; MÄRVEL are a modern days KISS, period.
City Slang Zine (USA)

The Swedish rock crown is within reach.
Metal Hammer (DE)

... a mild adrenaline that completely spellbinds the listener - brilliant Rock N Roll!
Slave To Metal (SE)

Hadal Zone Express is filled with smart hard rock.
Corren (SE)

Märvel rocks even better than present-day KISS.

Dead Rock´n Roller with it´s Uriah Heep-screams, Danish Rush - combining the styles of Black Sabbath and Sweet and the hard-driving Black Money are solid rockers on this album…

The album cover ain´t misleading. The contents are exactly the type of ghost train -rock what’s promised. You can bet this band will be heard of in the future.
Salon Seudun Sanomat (FI)

Black Money gives Hadal Zone Express that well needed punk driven go to the extent that it feels like sitting on a horse, escaping from the law somewhere in California in the end of the 1800’s.
/GAFFA Magazine (SE)

The aim is set for three minutes and smoking riffs… those cathy refrains paired with a quire that makes your hair stand on your arms is still there.
/Corren (SE)

Almost every song have a detail that is magnificently simple. One riff here. A dull tom there. One note on the piano.
/Sweden Rock (SE)

Gritty power pop or hit friendly rock´n´roll? Hadal Zone Express is simply music packed with energy that grabs hold of you and makes you happy.
/Sweden Rock, Juryn, Bergström (SE)

The refrains and the amazing quires is forged in iron. The trio takes a very welcome step back towards their original rowdy and quick rock’n’roll.
/Sweden Rock, Juryn, Gunnarsson (SE)

A rousing and also very personal declaration of love to the phenomenon: Rock n Roll
/Soulseller-mag.com (DE)

KISS and AC/DC watch over the Swedish power trio-express.

70s KISS - riffs and Paul Stanley-related vocals (...) reinforced (....) by flawless singing-harmonies (....) prepare MÄRVEL every Scandinavian Rocker (...) a bright joy
Classic Rock Magazine (DE)

Super smooth song-writing skills.
Rock Hard (DE)

The gentlemen have to count clearly to the more filigreed Rock n Roll Bands of the Swedish scene.

Simple arrangements but full of life, the eleven songs shoot out like dance-crazy memories of glorious rock n roll times.
ntv.de (DE)